Gregory Dietrich is a wereleopard and the twin brother Stephen. Like his brother, Gregory is a stripper (stage name: "Marlowe") at Jean-Claude's strip club Guilty Pleasures.

When Gregory and Stephen were children, they were sexually abused and pimped-out by their father, Anthony Dietrich. Gregory played a role in Raina's porn movies, raping and hurting the werewolves, including his brother Stephen, but once Anita became the Nimir-Ra, Gregory stopped. He made up for his prior actions when he chose torture over hurting the pard. Later, Gregory was held up at a club, and in the crossfire of a fight, accidentally stabbed Anita while in animal form, leading many to believe she might turn into a wereleopard. Gregory was sentenced to trial and tortured, but Anita managed to save him. He is often on call to help her and around for support, making snide remarks about how everyone gets to sleep with her but him. Despite a more negative relationship previously, Gregory and brother Stephen show intense family love for each other many times.

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