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Security at Guilty Pleasures
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Graham is werewolf working as security at Guilty Pleasures or the Circus. He is of japanese and nordic ancestry and is six feet tall, muscled with broad shoulders and has black hair and brown eyes. Graham wants to be in Anita's bed, if only as food for the ardeur, and wears a red shirt while working as security at the Circus.

He has a good relationship with his parents, being the only lycanthropes to have his parents visit his place of work.


His first appereance is in Incubus Dreams when he is introduced as one of Anita's bodyguards, after her confruntation with Primo. He appears next in Danse Macabre as one of the werewolves working as security at the Circus. Graham was one of the local men that Jean-Claude had encouraged Anita to "interview" for the position of new pomme de sang. Graham was were interested in the "position", but Anita decided against it.

In The Harlequin, it is revealed that Graham was the one that came up with the idea that the bodyguard that wanted to be food should wear a red t-shirt. He and Clay guard Anita after the arrival of the Harlequin to St. Louis. Anita also takes Graham for her guard detail fearing that he has somehow become addicted to the ardeur. It is revealed that he was being influenced by the Harlequin, and had no recollection of his behavior while under their power.

Graham is one of the lycanthropes that misses the orgy provoked by Morte D'Amour and Marmee Noir. He later joins the guard detail of Anita and jokes the he "can't believe he missed last night". He also joins Anita in training at the Circus's gym. (Bullet)

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