""He's scared of his own shadow. I wouldn't trust him to help in an emergency. I think he'd save himself first.""
Donovan Reece on Gilbert[src]

Gilbert, a.k.a. Gil, is a werefox and exceptionally timid. We meet him for the first time in Narcissus in Chains.

Gil is the only werefox we have seen in person, and only one of his kind living in St. Louis.

Appearance Edit

Gilbert has golden red hair and strangely up-tilted green eyes. He is slender and exceptionally timid, and speaks with voice almost too soft to hear when he's introduce to Anita. He's so scared Anita thinks she can smell it on him, along with some neck-ruffling scent she doesn't recognize. He grips his knees so hard his hands are mottled, and when he nods his chin rubs against his knees like scent-marking them.

In Blood Noir it's said that the "fox people" of China, presumably werefoxes, can look like normal humans and hide in plain sight. Gil's appearance is distinctly fox-like when Anita describes him in Narcissus in Chains, yet he apparently wasn't outed as a lycanthrope until Incubus Dreams. It's unclear whether Gil would pass for a Chinese person, or indeed has any Chinese ancestry at all.

History within series Edit

Narcissus in Chains Edit

We meet Gilbert in a meeting between the various shapeshifter groups of St. Louis, all of whom are worried about shifters going missing. Gil is the only one of his kind in town so he hasn't lost anyone, but he's scared. They talk about forming a coalition of shapeshifters that shares information and helps each other out, and Gil asks how far the cooperation would go since he doesn't have an alpha or any family to bring to the board. He wants to stay with Anita until the threat is gone. Donovan Reece considers him a coward who is more likely to help himself than anyone else, and Gil doesn't argue with this characterization, just keeps huddling and trembling beside the couch. Anita lets him stay on the condition he tries his best to not be a hindrance if anything happens -- to hide instead of making himself a target, and drag anyone who is hurt into safety if he can. He's terrified and says he's not even a little brave, but he does know how to hide. Anita presses on him that if he causes the death of anyone Anita considers her people, she'll kill him herself. He decides to stay anyway. Anita says he can come along when they go to take care some business that night, but isn't sure even herself if that's an invitation or a threat.

That evening sees Gil in the far back seat of Anita's car when she drives the group to the Circus of the Damned. Inside, Anita introduces Gil to her bodyguards as being under her protection. He presumably leaves with the others when Anita and Jean-Claude lose control of their respective ardeurs, and returns after things get out of hand between Jean-Claude and Micah. Gil hides in a corner while Jean-Claude cleans himself up. When Jean-Claude gets back, Anita requests privacy for Micah feeding Jean-Claude, and Gil leaves the room again with most of the group.

Gil is back with the group when Jean-Claude revives Gretchen, and once Damian has been revived as well, Gil comes in and starts cleaning up the mess of both Anita and Damian throwing up. We learn that Gil has been doing a lot of cleaning that night without complaining at all or asking any questions. Anita thinks he makes a good flunky.

Back at Anita's house Gil is set to sleep in the guest room. After Narcissus insists Anita comes to see him at his club to talk about the missing shifters, Gil comes along again, wearing jeans, jogging shoes, and an untucked men's shirt that isn't the shirt he was wearing earlier. At the club he brings up the rear of the group with Caleb. After the trap is sprung and someone shoots Cristiano, some of his blood sprays on Gil who starts screaming. When they make their escape, Gil and Caleb are some of the first out of the door and they get swiftly to the back of Anita's Jeep. They huddle side by side on the floorboard when werehyenas try to claw their way through the Jeep roof, and Gil keeps screaming again. He keeps his eyes closed and hands over his ears, and won't stop screaming even after the hyenas have been dealt with, until Anita taps the top of his head with her gun barrel and commands him to. Anita tells him to listen to her next time she tells him to stay home, indicating she may have suggested it at some point earlier without success -- even if that seems out of character for him. He agrees, but seems withdrawn afterwards.

Once they get back to Anita's house Gil immediately sits down to huddle at the end of the couch, still out of sorts, but Anita doesn't have time to baby-sit him. Once bad guys follow them to the house Gil comes to the kitchen to ask what's going on, and agrees that he might have been safer on his own. He huddles in a corner while Anita negotiates with Zeke, and gasps upon seeing the burns on Gina. It's unclear whether Gil follows Anita when they leave to move after Chimera, but it's more likely that he chooses to (or she tells him to) stay behind or to go home.

Incubus Dreams Edit

In this novel we don't see Gil in person, but hear that he ends up in a car accident when another man runs a red light. He's only alive after the accident thanks to his lycanthropy, and hurt badly enough to be knocked unconscious, but likely to make a full recovery. A policeman at the site notices Gil is healing too quickly, and has him handcuffed to a bed rail when he's taken to the emergency room of Saint Anthony's. Someone calls the emergency number in Gil's wallet and gets a representative of the Coalition, Teddy, to the scene, where his job is to look after Gil and keep him out of the government safe houses. As a lone shifter Gil relies on the coalition a lot. Unfortunately the hospital staff is also worried that Gil is dangerous, and the emergency room people are wearing full hazmat gear while treating him while he drifts in and out of consciousness. Teddy calls the law firm the coalition has on retainer, and then calls Anita and tells her what's going on. She doesn't have time to go to see Gil that night, but Teddy has that covered -- he just asks her to take care of another furry emergency while he's tied up at Gil's side. Teddy doesn't know why everyone is panicking so badly about Gil, but the lawyer isn't there yet, and there's a law that allows signing an unconscious shapeshifter into a safe house if they are deemed to be dangerous. Teddy is afraid that if he leaves, that's what's going to happen to Gil, and people who end up in a safe house don't get out again. Anita has to delegate the other emergency to Micah, as it's beyond her powers in a way dealing with Gil wouldn't be, and she can't make it to Gil either, since she has ardeur to feed.