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Gideon is the animal to call of the Master of Beasts and part of his triumvirate along with Captain Thomas Carswell. He is six feet, square-shouldered, with hair that is somewhere between blond and brown. His eyes are yellow with orange pinwheels, weretiger eyes. He also has kitty-cat fangs upper and lower in his mouth because his master had forced him to stay in tiger form too long and Gideon could not come completely back.

He first appears in Burnt Offerings, when he comes to St. Louis along with his master and the Vampire Council delegation. He along with Thomas are under the orders of Fernando while Padma is dead to the world. Later that day he and Thomas help their master recover from the injuries Anita made.

In Bullet, when their master is possesed by Marmee Noir he and Thomas are forced to help his master attack Anita. After Belle Morte uses the ardeur to overwhelm Padma and escape, he forces them into helping him, and although they could have stopped Belle, they let her run away.

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