George Smitz is a human who works in construction and helps out in a butcher's shop that belongs to his wife. We meet him in The Lunatic Cafe.

Appearance Edit

George is well over six feet tall, broad shouldered, and the kind of muscular a man becomes from hard physical work. He wears a toboggan hat to his interview with Anita, and later at his house he wears jeans, a pale blue T-shirt, and a bloodstained butcher's apron. His overall mannerisms are uncertain, earnest, and little-boy-like, and he seems genuinely upset about the loss of his wife.

Family Edit

  • Margaret "Peggy" Smitz - George's wife and a werewolf of the Thronnos Rokke Clan. She owns and keeps a butcher's shop, and does most of the work there. Her favorite color is yellow, and she often tells her husband to offer to take the coats of any visitors they receive. Deceased (The Lunatic Cafe).
  • Two children - Mentioned but not seen.
  • Peggy's father - Original owner of the butcher's shop, deeded it to Peggy years before The Lunatic Cafe. He's almost ninety-two at the time of the novel, and can't run the store by himself.

House Edit

George and Peggy's house has a small front porch. Inside there's a small entryway with a closet on one side and a mirror and a low table on the other. The walls are pale yellow, and there is a vase full of matching yellow silk flowers on the table. The living room also has a pale yellow wallpaper, this time with small brown flower motif. There's a couch, a love seat, and a recliner, all in very pale yellow that is almost white. On a pale wood end table there are more yellow silk flowers, and the carpet, the lace curtains, the pictures on the wall, and the knick-knacks on the shelves, are likewise yellow. Anita thinks it's like being inside a lemon drop.

History Edit

The Lunatic Cafe opens with Anita interviewing George Smitz as a potential client in her office at the Animators, Inc. He tells her that his wife, Peggy, has disappeared two days ago. Anita explains that she is not trained as an investigator, and suggests that he should contact the police, but he refuses. He reveals to Anita that Peggy is a werewolf, and he is afraid to contact the police because she owns and operates a butcher shop, and if her condition were made public, she would lose her customers. Anita ultimately refers George to Ronnie, who agrees to look into it. He goes to meet her that same night.

A few days later Anita gets a call from Ronnie, who tells Anita that she has found evidence that George Smitz is having an affair. Anita and Ronnie consider whether George may have killed his wife and the other missing shapeshifters. Shortly later, Richard calls, and Anita asks Richard to get her some intimidating backup for a confrontation with George. Richard is unable to accompany her personally and sends Raina and Gabriel instead, and Ronnie, Anita, and the weres drive out to speak to George.

When they arrive, Anita and Ronnie first confront George alone, but are unsuccessful in making him confess. He gets angry and tries to throw them out, but Raina intervenes and intimidates him into admitting that he shot Peggy and buried her underneath the garden shed, although it's unclear whether that was in order to inherit her butcher's shop, or simply because he wanted to make way for his new lover, or both. Presumably, he contacted Anita in order to provide some alibi for the time when the authorities finally realize that Peggy was missing. However, George insists that he does not know anything about the remaining shapeshifter disappearances, and after he faints in fright even Raina believes him.

After George comes to, he agrees to confess to the police in order to avoid retribution from Raina.