"Gabriel had been one sick kitty..."
Anita Blake[src]

Gabriel was a sinister looking wereleopard with dark curly hair, and the alpha of the St. Louis pard, the Blood Drinker's Clan. While living, Gabriel was called leoparde lionne (a protective leader) by pard members. Posthumously, pard members admitted Gabriel led as a lion passant.

Gabriel was a severe sadomasochist who contracted lycanthropy when Elizabeth shifted into leopard form during sex and mauled him nearly to death, the crowning moment of his life. Gabriel forced his pard to participate in Raina's pornography operation, and eventually fixated on the idea of raping and mauling Anita on film while she attempted to kill him. Anita was successful in that scenario, and Gabriel died.

According to his pard, Gabriel was called a lion passant, which means that he may have lead the pack, but does not give or offer active protection to the members of the pard. Although Gabriel did protect the pard in some ways, such as helping Zane quit drugs, protecting Nathaniel as he explored his darker urges, and helping Cherry to regenerate a severed leg, he was not willing to risk his personal safety for the pard.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a wereleopard, Gabriel was endowed with heightened hearing, agility and endurance, and was significantly stronger and faster then normal humans. But because he was also a alpha, he possessed powers others did not. He was able to:

  • Partial Shapeshift - Gabriel was able to shapeshift hands into claws.
  • Share Power & Blood

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