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Franklin Niley was a over 6 feet and weighed close to three hundred pounds. He was a wealthy art collector that was interested in magic artifacts and wanted to buy a certain piece of land from Myerton, after Howard Grant had told him that the Spear of Destiny was hidden there. His retainers included Milo Hart, his bodyguard, Howard Grant, a strong clairvoyant and Linus Bech, a sorcerer. Niley was a suspect in half a dozen homicides in Miami, Chicago and other cities, and had never been arrested because the witnesses always disappeared or in one case went in a mysterious coma. The land Niley wanted to buy was occupied by a group of trolls, an endangered species, making him unable to purchase it. To get rid of the trolls he started to frame them for the disappearances of local animals and the death of a hicker. Because Richard and the scientists that were studing the trolls were stoping him in court from buying the land, he hired sheriff Wilkes and his men to frame Richard for rape. He also hires a group of thugs to beat Shang-Da and kill Anita, and later ordered Linus Bech to summon a demon in order to frame the trolls for murder. Because Howard Grant had warned him that Lady Death would kill him, he meets Anita and Richard and threatens them to leave town. Niley kidnaps Richard's mother and brother and tries to sacrifece Charlotte to a demon.

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