Franklin Niley was a wealthy art collector that was interested in magic artifacts. He was a suspect in half a dozen homicides in Miami, Chicago, and other cities, but had never been arrested because the witnesses always disappeared or in one case went in a mysterious coma. He considered himself untouchable and liked to taunt authorities about his crimes.

We met Niley in Blue Moon. During the events of the novel Niley's retainers included Milo Hart, his long-time bodyguard, Howard Grant, a strong clairvoyant, and Linus Bech, a sorcerer. Niley may have had some sort of sexual or romantic relationship with Linus despite the latter being an eunuch and both of them being sociopaths.

Appearance Edit

Niley was well over 6 feet tall and weighed close to three hundred pounds, and looked big rather than overweight. He had black, sharply receeding hair that was buzzed very close to his head, and Anita thought this made his face look too small for his large frame. He had large, blunt-fingered hands with gold rings in every finger. His speech was overly mannered and his eyes pleasant and empty. Anita compared his gaze to an amused snake. His handshake was too fast and barely touched Anita's hand, and he didn't rise from his seat to greet her.

Niley wore an expensive, dark, pin-striped suit over a white, wide-collared shirt and a vest but no tie. A curl of graying chest hair was visible from the shirt collar.

History within series Edit

Niley wanted to buy a certain piece of land from Myerton, after Howard had told him that the Spear of Destiny was hidden there. The land Niley wanted to buy was occupied by a group of trolls, an endangered species, making him unable to purchase it. To get rid of the trolls Niley started to frame them for the disappearances of local animals and the death of a hiker.

Because Richard and the scientists that were studying the trolls were stopping Niley in court from buying the land, he hired sheriff Wilkes and his men to frame Richard for rape. Niley also hired a group of thugs to beat up Shang-Da and kill Anita, and later ordered Linus to summon a demon in order to frame the trolls for murder.

Later we learned that Howard had warned Niley that a Lady Death would kill him, and hearing of Anita Niley had decided that she met the description. Since the previous attempts to scare them off hadn't worked Niley and his entouragne finally met with Anita and Richard in order to personally threaten them to leave town. Niley also kept flirting with Richard throughout the meeting despite (or possibly because) of his clear revulsion and outrage at the approaches. Niley promised to capture and rape Richard if they didn't go, and have Linus kill Richard afterwards. Anita was to be sacrificed to the evil power that Linus served.

As Anita and Richard did not leave town despite the threats, Niley kidnapped Richard's mother and brother -- purportedly in order to finally pressure them to leave, but in reality the plan was to beat Daniel to death and to sacrifice Charlotte to Linus's demon in order to get it to search the land for the relic. Anita rushed to stop the sacrifice, and ended up freeing the demon from the summoning circle, leading to Niley getting slashed up badly before the demon departed. He died of his injuries shortly after, despite the EMS crew's attempts to save him.