Eros and Eranthe are the members of a werewolf pack designated or entrusted with the teaching newly infected wolves how to control their strength and beasts during sexual intercourse. they are named after the Greek god of lust, Eros being the male and Eranthes being the female.

This position within the pack requires absolute maturity and respect on the part of the student werewolf as well as the part of the teacher. Both the Eros and the Eranthe must engage sexually with a newly-turned lycanthrope, many of whom are relatively young in age such as late adolescents or young adults. As such, they must establish a relationship firsthand and get to know each other before they begin engaging in the necessary education. Once a bond has been established, the teachers and students engage in mandatory intercourse to discipline the undisciplined new blood. While pleasurable, the cub is conditioned to not enjoy it; focusing on self-control.

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