Emmett Leroy Rose was a federal witness, that died while in federal custody waiting to testify at an important trial.

Emmett was fifty-three old, African American and a Protestant. He was tall and broad, with skin the color of good, sweet chocolate. He'd had a double degree from the University of Pennsylvania in accounting and prelaw and a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Emmett was also married and had children.

Emmett worked for a mob family in Philadelphia. When a dead child was found in his car trunk he made a deal with the FBI to testify so he would not go to jail. Like his father he dies of a heart attack, but when Anita raises him from the grave, Emmett sees Arthur Salvia, the man that ordered the child to be put in Emmett car, as the one responsible for his death. Like all murdered zombies, Emmett tries to go after Salvia, but is momentarily stopped by Anita and her circle of power. He eventually breaks free and proceeds to kill Salvia. Because Anita was hospitalized, Larry Kirkland comes to Philadelphia and puts him to rest.