Elvira Drew is a witch we meet at The Lunatic Cafe. She is part of a coven that kidnaps and skins lycanthropes for a magic ritual to obtain the ability to shapeshift to those animals without the downsides of lycanthropy. The skins are used as amulets of sorts, and opening the clasp of the skins cancels the transformation.

Appearance Edit

Elvira is an elegant woman with eyes the blue-green color of the ocean, and long yellow hair. She wears nearly invisible make-up and dresses in expensive but tasteful clothes that also shimmer between blue and green. Her car is a vivid green Grand Am that likewise matches her eyes.

History Edit

Elvira contacts Anita as a client, and explains that she is an author writing a book on shapeshifters and wants Anita to put her in touch with a wererat for a potential interview. Anita realizes later that Elvira was hunting shapeshifters, and that Louie Fane has gone missing after agreeing to do the interview.

Anita, Dolph, Zerbrowski, and several officers go to Elvira's house, but Elvira will not let them in. Anita breaks into the back porch and basement and is confronted by Elvira, but screams for help, allowing the police to enter. At that point, the police are attacked by two other witches, each of whom has used the skin of one of the missing lycanthropes to shapeshift. All of the witches but Elvira are killed, although Anita thinks there was a fourth member in the coven.

Elvira is tempted with a possibility of not getting a death sentence if she co-operates and gives up the location of the rest of the missing persons, but as she wasn't involved in their disappearance she can't help. Presumably the death sentence is carried out shortly.