Elinore is a British master vampire who spends some time as a temporary member of Jean-Claude's Kiss. We see a glimpse of her through Damian's eyes in Incubus Dreams, but she isn't properly introduced until Danse Macabre.


Elinore is Nordic with long pale blond hair, pale icy blue eyes and a delicate, a near perfect oval face. She is short and does not lift weights to gain muscles, and her body is curvy and desirable but softer than Anita prefers in a woman. She has a lot of mannerism that make Anita think of her in terms of "doll-like", "cute", or "little girl", but Anita isn't certain how much of that is Elinore's true personality and how much is habit from using them as a camouflage for centuries. Underneath the soft lady-like appearance there is a core of steel and ruthless practicality.

History Edit

Before her appearance in the novels, Elinore and her lover Roderick were part of Dracula's London Kiss. When their master and his whole court were tormented by the Harlequin Elinore and Roderick were affected at first, but when the madness descended that led into a mass orgy they were spared. This may have been because they are truly in love with each other and powers such as ardeur have no proper hold on them. Whatever power the Harlequin used in London it was not ardeur, but it may have held similar restrictions.

After Dracula was finally killed Elinore accepted Jean-Claude's invitation to come to St. Louis shortly before the events of Incubus Dreams. However, St. Louis is only a temporary stopping point for her until she can find a territory to open up for her to be the master of.

While in St. Louis Elinore manages Danse Macabre and advises Jean-Claude. This is demonstrated in practice in Danse Macabre, as she is involved in trying to find solutions to Anita's powers being out of control and figuring out what to do with Requiem after he is accidentally bespelled by ardeur. The idea of holding a contest for Anita's new pomme de sang originally comes from Elinore as well, although it hs to be abandoned in the end. In The Harlequin Elinore is expected to take over the St. Louis Kiss if Jean-Claude were to be killed by the Harlequin.

It's only mentioned in passing in Blood Noir that Elinore thinks Marmee Noir is gathering her forces, but Elinore isn't seen in person and hasn't been mentioned since. This might mean that she has found her own territory to rule.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Elinore is a powerful master vampire, as proven when she wakes second to Jean-Claude following the feeding from Augustine. She is of Belle Morte's bloodline but does not possess the ardeur, as Ligeia was the only female vampire other than Belle to have gained that power. Elinore was nevertheless "created to be whore" in Augustine's words, as was any vampire ever made into Belle's line, although it hasn't been stated whether Elinore was used to seduce people on Dracula's command like Requiem was.