Elinore is a vampire that was temporarily part of Jean-Claude's Kiss. She is Nordic with long pale blond hair, pale icy blue eyes and a delicate, a near perfect oval face.

She and her lover Roderick were part of Dracula's London Kiss. When her master was killed by the Harlequin she accepted Jean-Claude's invitation to come to St. Louis. This was only a temporary stopping point until she could find territory to open up for her to be the master of.

While in St. Louis she was managing Danse Macabre and advising Jean-Claude. In The Harlequin she is expected to take over the St. Louis Kiss if Jean-Claude is killed by the Harlequin.

She is not mentioned after the event of the The Harlequin, meaning she has possibly found her own territory.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Elinore is a powerful master vampire as proven when she wakes second to Jean-Claude, following the feeding from Augustine. She is of Belle Morte's bloodline but does not seem to possess the ardeur.

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