Dracula was one of the first vampires of Belle Morte's line and the Master of the City of London. We learn of him in Incubus Dreams.

History Edit

Dracula of London was the second vampire to carry the name. He chose it after his famous namesake was killed, as only one vampire may carry a well-known name at a time. His earlier name has not been revealed.

When vampires were legalized in Britain, Dracula didn't take well to the media frenzy. The media failed to take the hint that their "real Dracula" wasn't the original Dracula, and that he didn't want to be in the spotlight the same way Jean-Claude and many other American masters were.

The Vampire Council had decreed that all vampires within Britain and the USA should play nice to the media and the public in general. Good relations with humans were important in order to solidify the vampires' position within the society, and to avoid the risk the countries might outlaw vampires again. Dracula, being ancient and powerful and preferring the old ways, didn't take well to the idea at all. Instead, he went mad and started slaughtering people. The Council had Dracula assassinated for breaking their law, as they had his namesake, hushed up the incident to the best of their ability, and declared Dracula a dead name that no other vampire should ever carry again. The assassination was carried out by the Harlequin, who first tormented Dracula and his court, and eventually Pantalone tore out his throat.

Belle Morte tried to take over the majority of Dracula's court, in particular those who were of her line. However, Jean-Claude offered many of them an alternative option to come and work in his clubs instead, and caused a major migration of vampires from London to St. Louis. It's unclear whether these arrangements were done before or after the assassination, and how many weaker members of Dracula's court died with their master. Jean-Claude as a new sourdre de sang presumably would have needed to blood oath the vampires before Dracula's death to be of any help in their survival, but he's only credited for saving them from Belle Morte. She, on the other hand, being both Dracula's master and his sourdre de sang, may have been able to save some or even all of them through their connection. Consequently it's possible (but not certain) that Belle Morte extended considerable amounts of energy in order to help Dracula's vampires survive his death, expecting to benefit from it, only to have her prize stolen.