Donovan Reece is the Swan King of every swanmane in the U.S.

Appearance Edit

Reece is about six feet, pale milk-and-cream complexion, and handsome in a preppy, clean-cut sort of way.

History Edit

According to Reece he is the first Swan King in a century, and that he has been destined from birth to that position, since he has a birthmark in the shape of a swan. He has been groomed for this position since he was young, though he doesn't want it.

As part of the Coalition he is allies with Anita and other were groups. As an inborn politician and Swan King he has to travel from swan group to swan group anyway, looking in on them, settling problems. He's been talking about the Coalition to other cities.

Normally a swan queen and king are born in the same generation, but without a swan queen he has to do twice the work. Anita reacts to him, and is able to feed from his entire swanmane population in The Harlequin.

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