Donna Parnell is the mother of Peter and Becca and Ted Forrester's fiancée. Donna is a widow, having lost her husband, John, to a werewolf, which her son killed using his father's gun. She forty-two and is between 5' 3" and 5' 8". Donna owns a psychic paraphernalia shop and sells a variety of items such as crystals, tarot cards and anything else that "strikes her fancy". She is also a member of a amateur archaeology society that tries to preserve Native American sites in Santa Fe. Because of this she becomes the target of Riker, a local pot hunter, that threatens her and her children to scare them away from a dig site he was interested. Donna had been dating Ted for two years in Obsidian Butterfly, and the two are engaged. She is not aware of Ted's true identity but knows he is a dangerous man.

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