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This article or section contains spoilers for 2016 novel Crimson Death.
Proceed with caution.

Domino was a weretiger, with black and white hair in human form. Domino could assume a black tiger form or a white tiger form, but since encountering Anita, his black tiger appeared to be dominant. He was rolled by Anita's ardeur when Vittorio took away her control. She took him with her back to St. Louis.

Domino was a member of the Black Clan of weretigers, that is believed to be mostly extinct. When he was young he was found by Chiang Bibiana, who took him into her clan.

In Bullet, we find out that he along with Crispin have been teaching members of the other lycanthrope groups in St. Louis how to calm down the beast of a pregnant lycanthrope. They suceeded into getting Gina through three full moons without her shifting.

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