Dominic Dumare was a necromancer and the human servant of Sabin. Together with Sabin and Cassandra he was part of a triumvirate.

Appearance Edit

Tall and thin man with large, strong hands, strong facial bone structure, and a Vandyke beard with a thin mustache. His power felt to Anita like a psychic wind tripping down her spine.

When Anita first met him he wore a black three-piece suite with a diamond stickpin in his tie. On their second meeting that took place in daytime hours Dominic wore black dress slacks, gray silk T-shirt, and a black leather jacket. For the ceremony he wore a white ceremonial robe with a back-thrown hood.

History Edit

He came in St. Louis to find a way to save Sabin, who was rotting irreversibly because he had refrained from consuming human blood. Dominic murdered Robert, and he planned to sacrifice Jean-Claude, Anita and Richard. He was killed by Edward.

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