Dominga Salvador was a evil voodoo or vaudun priestess, who Anita considered the most powerful one she had ever met, maybe the most powerful one in North America. Dominga had once been Manny's lover and leader; for her he did many things he probably regrets now. She is in her early sixties, has pure white hair and black eyes. She found a way to make a perfect looking zombie that will not rot, by simply capturing the soul before it moves on, calling up the Zombie, and putting the soul back inside the dead body. She hopes that Anita will join her, learn from her, but Anita refuses. She vanished while under investigation for crimes which would carry an automatic death penalty; the police suspect Anita of having killed Salvador, but have no evidence. The truth is that Anita did kill Salvador with a group of zombies raised in a forced attempt to bring back an ancestor of Harold Gaynor.

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