Crispin is white weretiger from Las Vegas. He is the only adult male in his group, so he takes the beast of the pregnant female weretigers so that they do not lose their babies during pregnancy; this is the same method that Anita has been using to avoid turning into a wereanimal. There was a chance he made Anita pregnant, and if he had he said that he would marry her and take her back to Las Vegas. He was "rolled" by Anita and the ardeur when Marmee Noir took away Anita's self control. He is twenty-one and Anita's tiger to call. After Anita's visit to Vegas, she takes him with her to St. Louis.

In Bullet, we find out that he along with Domino have been teaching members of the other lycanthrope groups in St. Louis how to calm down the beast of a pregnant lycanthrope. They succeeded into getting Gina through three full moons without her shifting.

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