Claudia is a wererat and one of Anita's bodyguards. She stands at around 6' 6". More muscular than most men, and with a take-no-guff attitude. Comfortable with handguns. Also described as beautiful even without makeup.


Claudia first appearance is in Narcissus in Chains, when Rafael tasks her with the protection of Anita. When the wereanacondas of Chimera come and try to kill Anita Claudia protects her and is wounded in the arm.

In Cerulean Sins Claudia is one of the wererats that participate in the ambush to capture Leopold Heinrick and his partner. When the police arrives she is taken in custody, but because Anita deputies Claudia as a temporary federal marshal she is set free.

During the events of Danse Macabre, Claudia becomes extremely protective of Anita when it is believed she might be pregnant. Claudia puts herself between Anita and Richard when he demands that she quit her job as an executioner and marry him.

In The Harlequin Claudia is one of the bodyguards that protect Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard from themselves, when they are under the influence of the Harlequin. After Rafael feeds Anita's ardeur, Claudia along with some other wererats is partially affected while others are knocked out cold. She resumes her bodyguard job later.

In Bullet, Claudia takes part in the orgy provoked after Morte D'Amour/Marmee Noir try to force all of the people in the Circus into killing Noel and others. The morning after the orgy Claudia along with Anita, Kelly Reeder and Rosamond fight Haven to protect Noel and Travis, two less dominant werelions. During the fight the two lionesses are knocked out, leaving only Claudia to help Anita. Claudia succeds in keeping up with Haven and kicks him across the room. Haven then shoots her in her right arm, after which Anita shoots him. She receives immediate care from Dr. Lillian and is later healed when Anita takes the life-force of Jamil and Shang-Da to heal Richard, along with Kelly Reeder, Rosamond and Nathaniel.

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