Stg. Rocco, known to his colleagues as Cannibal, is a member of the Las Vegas SWAT team. He is psychic and a "living vampire", similar to Anita, with the power to feed on the memories and emotions of others, usually violent ones with fear or pain. He's the best practitioner of his kind that the Las Vegas SWAT has.

Rocco is Lutheran and goes to church every Sunday, unless he's on a call. He reads Arabic and ancient Greek, and his pronunciation in Arabic is okay. He learned both because he wanted to read the original versions of Qur'an and Bible.

History within series Edit

When Anita first meets the Las Vegas SWAT team in Skin Trade, Cannibal tests her psychic abilities and motivations by delving into the memory of Vittorio's trap for the St. Louis SWAT team in Incubus Dreams. She turns the power back on Cannibal with her own flavor, and they end up swapping intimate memories of their loved ones: for Cannibal about his wife, and for Anita about Micah.

Cannibal accompanies Anita when she meets with Vittorio, because she is allowed one member of SWAT to take along, and Cannibal is the only one present capable casting a spell in Arabic to banish the jinn, and also because his psychic ability gives him a weapon that cannot be taken from him. Ava sticks a knife in his side for casting the spell, but he uses his power on her before she can do too much damage. He takes all her memories and leaves her an empty shell, and says it felt good when Anita asks.

Appearance Edit

Rocco has dark hair and almost black eyes.

Family Edit

Rocco's wife has dark, curly hair, and she is tanned. She was originally supposed to be a one-night stand.

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