Caleb is a wereleopard and a member of the Maneaters Clan, which later gets merged into Blood Drinker's Clan. We meet him for the first time in Narcissus in Chains.

Appearance Edit

He has rich brown curly hair, solid brown eyes, darkly tanned skin, and multiple piercings. On their first meeting Anita estimates his age as early twenties and height as 5'7", maybe less. His hair is cut short in the back but long on top.

Caleb likes to flaunt his naked self and hit on all the women, and doesn't have the non-issue approach to nudity that most lycanthropes do. The first time Anita sees him with any clothes he's wearing bell-bottom jeans and nothing else, and this trend continues. He won't wear any clothes if someone doesn't make him.

History Edit

While Chimera controlled the Maneaters Clan, Caleb succumbed to Chimera's demands to terrorize others. Because of this Caleb is afraid of Merle, and not trusted by Anita. Caleb's general attitude doesn't help.

In Flirt, Caleb has changed his job from waiter at Guilty Pleasures to dancer, because he needed more money.

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