Byron is a English vampire, who works as a stripper at Guilty Pleasure.

Byron was turned sometime in 1700's. He was part of Dracula's Kiss in London, but when his master was killed by the Harlequin, he was saved by Jean-Claude instead of being left to Belle Morte.

His hair is soft brown, and curls past his ears, and his eyes are huge and grey. He has a slender body type and is shorter than Anita. Byron speaks with a nice British accent and uses endearments like Duckie and Lover towards everyone including Anita. He can pass for an eighteen year-old even though he was turned when he was fifteen.

He is first mentioned in Incubus Dreams, when a lycanthrope informs Buzz, who was talking to Anita, that a group of college students were heckling Byron while he was dancing at the Guilty Pleasure. Anita gets injured while trying to to control Primo and Jean Claude orders him to tend to her wounds. When he reaches Anita he almost rolls her. They leave the stage area to Jean Claude who had Primo under control after feeding from Anita. Anita is lead into a dressing room backstage by him and Nathaniel, so that Byron could bandage her wound. He explains to Anita that she should not touch Nathaniel because as Jean Claude had fed from her in the club she might also inadvertently feed from Nathaniel. While they are talking Jean Claude asks Anita to feed the ardeur for him because he needed help in controlling a belligerent Primo. He agrees to be Anita's food if it meant having sex and not blood. Anita feeds both from him and Requiem through sex and blood respectively. Anita later leaves to meet her client though she takes Byron's leather jacket to replace her bloodied one.

He's first seen in The Harlequin dancing at the Guilty Pleasures. He later comes into Jean Claude's office, along with Requiem, after finishing up his act. He offers Anita to dominate Nathaniel for her which puzzles her. He tells Jean Claude and others about what the Harlequin did to their kiss when they came for his master. He becomes worried when Jean Claude says he will ask for a meeting with the Harlequins. Towards the end Jean Claude suggests Asher as Anita's BDSM teacher because unlike Byron, who is a switch, he's a dominant.

He appears to have had sex with Cardinal during a ardeur-fueled orgy due to Lover of Death's attack during the events of Bullet.

Anita used him to feed the ardeur only once during an emergency because he prefers males to females even though he identifies himself as a bisexual.

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