The Broken Spear Clan are a group of werewolves from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  • Pack Name: Broken Spear Clan
  • Curent Leader: (Ulfric) Roland Sanchez
  • Location: Santa Fe, NM
  • Group Structure: The pack funtions like any other werewolf pack, but it is also a biker gang implicated in a large array of criminal activities.
  • Group Size: Over a hundred
  • Interactions:
    • With St. Louis: As lupa, Anita met the local Ulfric when she was visiting Edward during Obsidian Butterfly.
    • The clan was known to the police as the biker gang Los Lobos. The police seemed to be unaware of that the entire gang was a lycanthrope group.


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Known membersEdit

  • Harpo - Enforcer, security at Los Duendos Bar.
  • Roland Sanchez - Ulfric of the pack.

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