Brody Smith is a detective of RPIT and partner of Clive Perry. Smith is sensitive enough to detect active use of vampiric or lycanthropic abilities, although he's better with the latter, and can sense when some flavors of psychics use their abilities, Anita's necromancy included. Usually this makes him shiver. He is either not a full-fledged psychic himself, or hasn't found his true ability yet.

Appearance Edit

Smith is a short man, not much taller than Anita, but his shoulders are broad. Thanks to the combination his jackets always fit him poorly around the shoulders. He has also been known to appear to crime scenes with his collar unbuttoned and without wearing a tie, in contrast to his partner who tends to be neatly but conservatively dressed.

Anita suspects Smith would muscle up easily if he hit the gym enough. He has naturally blond hair.

History Edit

Smith is part of an experimental program in St. Louis where they pair non-sensitive cops with those who have a measure of psychic ability.

As of Kiss the Dead Smith has a serious girlfriend, although they are having issues.

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