"He pulled into a wide gravel turnaround and a huge clearing. There were small, white, boxy cabins scattered around the clearing like a Motel 6 that had been cut into pieces. There was a neon sign, pale in the sunlight, that said Blue Moon Cabins."
—observations by Anita Blake[src]

Blue Moon Cabins are located in Myerton, Tennessee, and owned by Verne, the Ulfric of the Oak Tree Clan. Both Richard's and Anita's entourages stay in them during their stay in Myerton in Blue Moon, but Richard's family doesn't since there are too many shapeshifters around for his tastes. There are human tourists staying in some of the cabins, though. 

The cabins are on a large clearing at the crest of a hill bordered with woods. The cabins offer all the basic comforts—beds, indoor plumbing, electricity, air conditioning—but Jamil thinks the decor leaves something to be desired for. Anita agrees with him in thinking the white outsides look on the cheap side, but she appreciates the roomy insides and thinks the cabin assigned to her is okay. 

Interiors Edit

Anita's cabin is decorated in blue, and it's one of the larger ones. In the main room there is a queen-sized bed and a reproduction of Van Gogh's Starry Night over it, a desk against a wall, a comfortable plush chair sitting on a small hand-woven throw rug in front of a picture window, a single mirror, and enough room to set down two coffins in the middle of the room between the desk and the bed. There is a reading lamp by the desk and another lamp on the bedside table that also houses a phone. The walls are pale blue, the comforter royal blue, the rug made in shades of blue, and the chair's plush is blue as well. The floor is polished hardwood and has a honeyed gleam. The bathroom looks like a standard motel issue done in white, complete with a small window high over a bathtub, but there is a blue bowl of potpourri spreading the scent of gardenia and musk.

Richard's cabin is almost identical to Anita's, but done in yellow with a print of Van Gogh's Sunflowers above the bed.

After Anita's first cabin gets messed up by vampire rot, Verne gives her another cabin. That cabin is never described beyond having the same basic layout (big window in main room, small window in bathroom) and a heavy wooden desk. Later in the novel the new cabin gets destroyed by horny werewolves.