The Blood Drinker's Clan is a St. Louis wereleopard group.

  • Group Name: Blood Drinker's Clan
  • Current Leader: (Nimir-Raj) Micah Callahan, (Nimir-Ra) Anita Blake
  • Former Leader: (Lion pessant) Gabriel
  • Group Structure: The clan group is known collectively as a pard.
  • Group Size: Initial composed of 7 members. Approximately 13 after the death of Gabriel and the merger with the Maneaters Clan.


The clan was created by Gabriel after he was made a wereleopard by Elizabeth. Gabriel then infected others, including Cherry, who had lost a leg in an accident, and Nathaniel, who at the time was using drugs and pimping himself on the streets. Although he continued to pimp out the leopards, Gabriel gave them only to people he trusted, and banned the use of drugs for the members of the pard.

Because of Gabriel's involvement with Raina, the leopards participated in her pornografic movies, and were used to punish the werewolves. They were also sent as tribute to Narcissus, so that he did not increase the number of werehyenas.

After Anita killed Gabriel in The Killing Dance, the wereleopards were left without an alpha to protect them. They were hated by the werewolves, for the role they had played in punishing them, and Sylvie wanted to order the pack to slaughter them. In Gabriel's absence, Zane tried to continue pimping the leopards, but because he was not an alpha he could not protect them. After Nathaniel was nearly killed by one of his "clients", he was brought to a hospital where Zane came to pick him up. When Anita comes to rescue Nathaniel from Zane, she is forced to give the wereleopards protection, as she felt responsible for the loss of their alpha. When the Vampire Council comes to town and Elizabeth brings the leopards to Padma, Anita, helped by Jean-Claude, negotiates their freedom. (Burnt Offerings)

Anita is recognized as a leoparde lionne, and continues to protect the pard with the hope that she will find an alpha to take over. After she meets Marianne, Anita starts trying to build the leopards into an healty pard (Obsidian Butterfly). In Narcissus in Chains, Micah Callahan and his pard come to St. Louis at Elizabeth's invitation, and also under orders for Chimera to take over the pard. After Micah helps Anita rescues Gregory, who was being punished by the wolves for having supposedly infected Anita with lycanthropy, the pard bonds togheter starting a process that will lead to the merging of the two with Micah as Nimir-Raj and Anita as Nimir-Ra.

Known membersEdit

  • Abraham - A former soldier. Security and enforcer.
  • Anita Blake - Although not a wereleopard she is the clan's Nimir-Ra. Became leoparde lionne after she killed Gabriel.
  • Caleb - A young male.
  • Cherry - A submissive famele. Mate of Zane and nurse.
  • Elizabeth - Gabriel's mate.
  • Gabriel - Former clan leader. He was a lion pessant. Was killed by Anita.
  • Gina - Submissive female.
  • Gregory Dietrich - A submissive male. Brother of Stephen.
  • Merle - Former clan leader of the Maneaters Clan. Micah's bodyguard.
  • Micah Callahan - Leader of the Maneaters Clan. Became Nimir-Raj to Anita's Nimir-Ra and a leader of the Blood Drinker's Clan. Lives with Anita and Nathaniel.
  • Nathaniel Graison - Was the pard most submissive member. Part of Anita's second triumvirate. Works as a stripper and lives with Anita.
  • Noah - Bodyguard of Micah.
  • Violet - A very submisive female.
  • Vivian - Submissive female.
  • Zane - Was the second most dominant male after Gabriel.