Ben is a werewolf and a member of the Oak Tree Clan. We meet him in Blue Moon.

Appearance Edit

Ben is a 6'2" or 6'3" tall Native American with long, truly black hair of the sort that gets blue highlights in the sun. When Anita meets him he wears the hair free. His eyes are brown and almost perfectly almond-shaped and look almost too small for his face. His skin is a rich brown that probably isn't just a great tan but something he was born with. His features are very ethnic and angular, complete with high cheekbones, broad forehead, and hooked nose.

History within series Edit

Ben is technically loaned out to Richard's pack as a replacement Sköll while Jamil is healing, but ends up guarding and taking care of his own pack's Lupa, Roxanne, instead. It's unclear if Ben is an enforcer within his own pack as well, or just a strong enough fighter that it isn't an insult to appoint him as a replacement Sköll. He is in Roxanne's company in almost every scene where she is seen or mentioned, and unlike Roland has qualms about confronting Anita when she's bathing. Ben averts his eyes immediately upon seeing her, and tells Roxanne the situation is not appropriate.

Later, in the kitchen, Ben tries to help Roland to pull Richard off Roxanne after she attacks Anita and he tries to restrain Roxanne. Ben and Roland restrain Roxanne in turn after Verne arrives and commands her to stop. Roxanne cuts into their arms with her claws, but they won't let go.

When they leave to save Richard's family, Ben is the one to carry Roxanne around as her leg is injured from her fight with Anita.