Becca Parnell is the daughter of Donna and younger sister of Peter Parnell. Unlike Peter, who was initially suspicious of him, she cares deeply for 'Ted'.

We first hear about Becca at the beginning of Obsidian Butterfly when Edward surprises Anita by Ted having a girlfriend, who is a widow with children. Anita doesn't like this in the least, and tries to demand Edward to put a stop to it, but when he tells her that Ted's been in Becca's life for two years and spends a lot of time with her, pics her up from school and takes her to dance lessons once a week, Anita can't think of how he could possibly disappear from their life without hurting Becca badly.

We meet Becca when Ted takes Anita to a mexican restaurant to meet Donna and the kids, and it becomes clear that Becca thinks the world of Ted. In the middle of the meal they get harassed by Riker's men, but Becca keeps her composure as well as can be expected from a six-year-old, until it's all over and Donna starts crying, which sets Becca off as well. At Anita's prompting, Ted takes Becca further away to calm her down, while Anita deals with Donna. When Anita goes to fetch Ted and Becca back, Becca seems reassured with the promise that both Ted and Anita would hurt someone to protect Becca.

Later, Becca along with Peter are kidnapped by Riker's men. While being held she is abused and three of her fingers are broken badly. Edward saves her while Anita saves Peter, and Peter carries Becca out. Anita comes to realize that Edward loves Donna and the kids as much as it's possible for him, and stops attempting to figure out how to separate Edward from them without hurting Becca.

In Hit List we hear that Becca is performing in Music Man that runs for two weeks, starting from the day the book begins. She's only in chorus, but is one of the youngest the musical theater has ever cast. Ted still takes her to dance class twice a week when he isn't away on a job.

Appearance Edit

Becca is a sunny child with chestnut brown hair and big brown eyes. When Anita first meets Becca she wears her hair in neat braids with yellow ribbons tied to the ends, and wears a bright yellow sundress with daisies on it. Her hands still have baby roundness at the age of six.

Inconsistencies Edit

In Obsidian Butterfly Edward says Ted's been dating Donna for two years and that Becca is six. In Hit List Anita thinks that Becca was six when Donna and Ted started dating.

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