Augustine is a old friend of Jean-Claude and the master of the city of Chicago. He was once part of Belle Morte's court but was exiled. He was the one that helped Jean-Claude go to the "New World". He is also a Chicago mob boss.

He is invited to St.Louis by Jean-Claude, and because of his obsession to feel the ardeur again attempts to force Anita to love him. This backfires and Anita and Jean-Claude turn the tables on him by feeding not only on him, but on his entourage. He also brought Haven and Pierce to St. Louis in the hope they can take over the local pride.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Animal to call. Augustine can call lions and werelions. Anita notes that he is one of a few of masters that have the same "smell" as their animal.
  • Augustine has the ability to make others love him. As with the other powers in Belle's line, unless he is extremely careful, the power also works in reverse, forcing him to love his victim