Arthur Salvia
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Defence Lawyer
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Arthur Salvia was a lawyer from Philadelphia, working for a old-fashioned mob family. He along with other helped cover for the son of the head of that family, who was a pedophile. After the boss's son kills a child, Arthur orders another man to put the child in the car trunk of Emmett Leroy Rose. As a resul, Emmett makes a deal with the FBI to testify and avoid going to prison, and dies of a heart attack while in their custody.

When Larry Kirkland was hired to raise Emmett, so that he can testify in the federal trial, Arthur hired a hitman to enter the room the FBI had reverved for him and kill him. After Anita takes Larry's place and goes to a different hotel as Micah suggested, a salesman checked into the room reserved for Marshal Kirkland and was killed. When Salvia finds out that Anita is coming to raise the zombie he panics and hires another hitman. While at the cemetery, he tried to postpone the raising of Emmett for as long as posible until his new hitman arrived to shoot Anita. When Emmett is raised from the grave he recognises Arthur and considers him responsible for his death. During a shoot-out that starts when the new hitman shoot's Anita, Emmett breaks free from Anita's circle of power and proceeds to take his revenge.

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