An animalistic vampire attacks Anita.

Animalistic Vampires are a defective breed of vampire created when a human is bitten by several vampires on the night of their transformation, or when a vampire is starved, tortured, or subjected to holy items for too long. Animalistic vampires possess the same abilities as stable vampires, but they are so consumed with their bloodlust and rage that it prevents them from utilizing the full force of their psychic abilities as well as their common intelligence. As a consequence, animalistic vampires tend to die out within a few days of their transformation if they are not tamed somehow, as they represent such a threat to society as they are either killed by other supernatural creatures, a vampire hunter, or a licensed executioner.

Causes Edit

  • Multiple Sires - The introduction of different blood into the new vampire's veins seems to awaken animalistic tendencies in the newborn vampire and reduces them to seemingly uncontrollable beasts. At least one of the sires will likely need to be powerful enough to turn humans with one bite only.
  • Blood Deprivation - Prolonged starvation can have an adverse affect on a vampire's psychology. Without blood, they loose their clarity of mind and their ability to function properly.
  • Excessive Torture - Their supernatural recuperative abilities make vampires extremely difficult to harm and give them a high physical pain threshold. However, deprivation of blood combined with excessive exposure to holy water or iconography combined with physical abuse, especially with silver weapons, can break a vampire's mind and reduce them to animals.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Animalistic vampires retain the abilities of standard vampires.

  • Immortality - Like all vampires, animalistic vampires possess the same potential for an eternal life span free of old age and decay. However, because they represent such a threat to society and to themselves, animalistic vampires usually don't live beyond a human lifespan upon their turning, if not much less.
  • Superhuman Strength - Young animalistic vampires can lift average cars with ease. Their strength can increase with age, but because they die out so quickly they do not develop their strength to any significant level.
  • Superhuman Speed - Animalistic vampires can move at speeds faster than the human eye.
  • Heightened Senses - Their senses are heightened to the point where they can hear from across long distances, see in the dark, and tell a person's emotions by their scent, although an animalistic vampire is unlikely to be capable of that level of reasoning.
  • Accelerated Healing - Animalistic vampires are extremely difficult to harm. Wounds from most objects, even bullets, heal in seconds without causing the vampire any seeming discomfort.
  • Insanity - Animalistic vampires might feel fear or pain just the same as any other vampire, but their lack of mental faculties seem to prevent them from reacting to such things in any reasonable manner—if anything they are likely to become even more aggressive and bloodthirsty when injured. An animalistic vampire won't stop wreaking a havoc until they are physically restrained or dead.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Sunlight - Vampires burn in sunlight.
  • Silver - Wounds caused by silver will heal at a human rate and leave scars. Silver nitrate is a deadly poison to young vampires, and is particularly so to animalistic vampires due to their young age or weakened state.
  • Religious Iconography - Animalistic vampires can be burned by crosses wielded by people with faith, but they aren't rational enough to fear such things or to shy from them even after catching fire. The wielder of the cross is likely to burn along with the vampire.
  • Wooden Stakes - Vampires can be wounded by wooden weapons, and any sharp wooden object, such as a stake, that pierces their heart will kill them.
  • Holy Water - Blessed water burns them like acid and leaves scar tissue, but like with crosses, it's unlikely that holy water would actually repel an animalistic vampire.